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We're Offering Fast Shipping Today !

Our Story

The Start

In 2018, our family had the pleasure of welcoming a beautiful new addition into the world. But, we quickly realised just how difficult it can be to find affordable baby gifts that are both practical and fun.

From that need, Baby Nika was born. Our brand perfectly encapsulates our mission to find amazing products for babies and young children, sharing them with mums, friends and relatives around the world.

Our Philosophy

As a family-centred company, we believe that every product that we offer should be suitable for the children in our family. If any product doesn’t meet our standards, then we would never offer said product to you.

We stand as a retailer for both parents and young children, offering safe and affordable gifts for a range of different occasions. We love to celebrate the birth of each new baby and the milestones that they reach, and we hope that you will celebrate with us too.

Our Approach

Every year, we spend months testing and trialling each of the items that we offer and hundreds of items that we don’t. We have a list of criteria that we check for each product, from their aesthetical appeal and their primary function to how well they actually work and whether or not they can be used safely.

Only the products that are capable of meeting our stringent standards will ever be offered by us. Naturally, all of our products blend practicality and beauty, making them the perfect way to spoil mum and baby at once.

Our Promise

Our promise is simple. We promise to love your family and all of the babies and children within it as if they were part of our family, the Baby Nika family.

We recognize that your babies and children all deserve the very best, and we are certain that you will love all of our products just as much as we do. What better way could there possibly be to welcome a new little one into the world?