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We're Offering Fast Shipping Today !
Dual Comfort Carrier: Ultimate Comfort for Mom & Baby
Dual Comfort Carrier: Ultimate Comfort for Mom & Baby
Dual Comfort Carrier: Ultimate Comfort for Mom & Baby
Dual Comfort Carrier: Ultimate Comfort for Mom & Baby

Dual Comfort Carrier: Ultimate Comfort for Mom & Baby

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PURE Comfort for Mom and Baby

The Dual Comfort Carrier was designed to bring the most possible comfort to both baby and parent on the most challenging of travels.


The moment your baby finds out you're using the old carrier again!



We hate to see little ones suffer 😢, that's why we don't sell just any carrier


Why would anyone buy a carrier that:


    ❌ causes discomfort?
    ❌ causes over-heating?
    ❌ rubs/cuts delicate skin?
    ❌ damages your childs spine?
    ❌ places stress on mom's back & shoulders?


      We wouldn't use one ❌ and we don't expect you to either!


      Wouldn't you prefer to feel like you're floating on air?



      Our Dual Comfort Carrier provides ultimate comfort for mom & baby ✔️


        ✔️ Shock Absorption Seat to protect your child's spine.
        ✔️ Hip Cushioning Pad that offers abdomen protection from constant impact
        ✔️ Scratch Prevention Design to avoid scratching from zippers
        ✔️ Protective Leg Pads that prevent abrasions and discomfort to your child
        ✔️ Rolling Shutter which gives you more control over your baby's temperature
        ✔️ Hands Free Design relieves stress to your shoulders and waist


        Now your baby can look forward to going out with our carrier!



        Continue reading to find even more benefits to this amazing super comfy carrier


        Keeping Your Baby Near

        Contact is an essential part of your baby's development and studies have shown that babies with more contact are less likely to have emotional deficits later in life.

        Our baby carrier keeps you close to your baby to help you strengthen your bond.



        Ergonomic With Many Uses

        To support your back and shoulders, the weight is distributed evenly. The seat is designed with an angle to give your baby a more natural seating position for additional comfort.

        Due to it's versatility and weight distribution functionality, you can continue to carry your baby as a toddler.


        Lightweight & Breathable

        The baby carrier is made from fine cotton and contains meshing that allows your waist, back and shoulders to breathe through additional ventilation. Giving both you and your baby maximum comfort.

        The carrier is lightweight which prevents you from feeling excessive fatigue and decreased stamina, so you can carry your child for longer.




        The carrier also has some handy little pockets for easy access and storage for your mobile phone and feeding bottle.

        It also comes with a hood to protect your baby from the elements.


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